This is the story of the CATastrophe. It's about a librician (librarian and a magician) who befriends an evil talking cat who has the fire relic, which if it is thrown into the volcano of Denamaurus, it will wipe out the world as we know it, sucking it into an endless black whole. Five kids must save the librician and the world, by defending the ring and stopping the evil cat.


Leader of the group-Candi-in the story she is Clara

Protector of the group-Mist-in the story she is...Mist lol

Comedian of the group-Elegant-in the story she is Ella

Smart girl of the group-Sandy-in the story she is Sara

Shy girl of the group-Katebith-in the story she is Kate

I gave them different names cause that would sound a bit better than just dramically yelling "CANDI!" that would sound weird lol

If I don't have you in here, that's fine cause I'm not in here either lol

OH BTW...The evil cat is secretly Jesskitty... HOPE U ARE EXCITED

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