So, My last one didnt work, so I am retrying and making it more detailed! I need more characters to be in the story, so I am having open forms to put your characters in! So, here is the story line so far: Five kids (candi,katebith,sandy,mist,and ele) find a magical book that may lead to their doom. Mist accidentally says a spell written in the book which takes her into another dimension called Deanamaura, which is home to the most high-level wizards and magicians of all time. The legendary librician(librarian and magician into one), Ro, tells Mist to throw apart the balance of Catadomnia into the legendary Volcano of Deanamaura. Ele falls into the dimension, and finds Mist and Ro, and they are on an epic quest to return back to their home in Yorkinlandia, home to the Yorkins, which are the only humans left on earth. They also have to destroy Jess, the lord of Catadomnia, which is Yorkian for "Shapeshifting Cat" in which it is. The rest of the group have to travel to Catadomnia to meet Mist and Ele in the dimensional force. Candi and Kate find a magic shelter, which holds magical beings and libricians that work for Ro. A lost girl and her friend tell them the directions to Catadomnia and travel with them while Sandy is left to train as a librician. They eventually meet up at the top of the volcano, and the dimensional force pulls them into the volcano. Sandy has had lots of training, so she pulls them out with her new found magic. Jess returns to see them, and is fighting the mighty group of five, when Jess is thrown into the volcano, they all go to a magical heaven for Yorkians called "Summhundai" which is Yorkian for "Summer Sky Palace". Meanwhile, Jess returns out of the volcano with a powerful scepter....

So! sound like an awesome tale? Want to be in it? All you have to do is:

Step 1: Pick a role for the list (if it has a chracter name next to it, then that spot is taken)Here:

Libician #1

Librician #2

Librician #3

Lost girl

Lost girl's friend:Turtle-Dovie(owned by SelenaVictoria88)

Catadomnia Lady-in-waiting

Lord Of Illusion


Rebel Catadomnian

Jess's friend

Step 2:Write the bio!Use these guidelines:





Why you want to be in this story:

Interesting fact:

That should be great for the bio! Now for Step 3:Tell me about your thoughts on the story!

Remember: Read this before you enter! Good luck and have fun!

P.S.: The deadline for the entries will be January 15!!!! So hurry!

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