Chapter 3: Ella goes in and meets a wizard

"AAAAAHHHH!!!" Mist screamed. She was falling through a wormhole for what seemed like hours. Colors spread around her like many large butterflies. Suddenly, she stopped. Everything was silent. Her fast falling slowed down by a lot. The colors became blurred and butterflies flapped their wings in slow motion. Mist could see a figure coming towards her slowly. Then, everything sped up again like normal. "Woo-hoo!" The figure yelled. As it got closer, Mist saw clearly that it was Ella! "ELLA! NOOOO!!!" Mist screamed louder with her worried face. She felt a small thud on her back. It appeared that she had sunk into the floor. Mist opened her tightly shut eyes and looked behind her. "Are these...Pillows?" Mist questioned. "Incoming!" Ella yelled happily as she came hurtling towards mist at full speed. "AHH!" Mist jumped up and moved quickly. Ella landed on the pillows and laughed. "I wanna do that again! How do we get back up into the libriporium?" Ella said as she stood up. "How am I supposed to know?! I don't remeber what i said that made me come down here-" Mist suddenly stopped talking as someone approched her. She had short, wavy light brown hair that went to her shoulders. She had dark blue eyes and lots of freckles and was wearing a blue cloak with pictures of books on it. "Did you say you came down here because you said something?" The girl asked. "Um, yes, why are you asking me?" Mist said, confused. "I am Ro The Enchanted, and I am a level 60 librician." "Nerdy..." Ella whispered into Mist's ear. "Could you help us get back to where we were?" Mist said, pointing to the wormhole behind them. "I'm afraid you can't until you can destroy the relic in the lava of the volcano af Deanamaura,"

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