Chapter 2:Mist has her life in a book

"What does it do?" Kate asked, scared. "I don't know, but it might be dangerous..." Clara said, afraid to open the book. "I'll open it for you!" Ella exclaimed, raising her hand as they all gathered around the book. "Here goes..." Clara slowly opened the book, squinting her eye and moving her head away as everyone stared in awe. Mist got closer to the book, and in golden script, Mist read: "Stars may be bright, but Deanamaura shines brighter," The front page of the book started to glow slowly. "Mist did you do something.." Sara asked, concerned. "How am I supposed to know!? Mist yelled, as the light got brighter, and she dissapeared into the book. "MIST!!!" Everyone yelled. The book automatically shut and dissapeared in midair. Everyone panicked.

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