Chapter 1: Clara is a very tall midget

         Clara just finished breakfast, and was in a hurry.  She was off to a special club meeting, which of her group called "The Unicornias Of Doom" and the meeting was always held on Saturdays in the libriporium.  Mist could see Clara walking by. She waved her hand out of the 2nd floor window and yelled. "Clara! Hey! Do you have the thing?" Clara looked up. "I've got it!" She hurried over into the libriporium and and gave some magic books to the librician. She ran up the stairs into the loft they met at. On her way up, she accidentally bumped into a strange girl. She looked about her age, just a bit younger. She had a frown on her freckled face, and she had a hat covering her strawberry blonde hair. The girl just grunted at her and walked away. Clara was suspicious. "Are you coming?" Mist said, looking back. "Sorry! Just bumped into someone!" Clara dashed to the loft. "Whoa, Clare, you look taller," Sara exclaimed. "Aw, it's nothing, just a small growth spurt," Clara said, beginning to sit down. She brought out a dusty book. "Is that the book?" Kate said shyly. "Of course it is, does it look like one?" Ella said sarcastically, puttin her feet on the table they were sitting at. Clara blew softly at the cover. It read in golden print: "Secret of  Catadomnia" 

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