So, about my story "The CATastrophe", I need more characters to be in the next couple chapters! Here are the available choices: 

  1. Librician #1
  2. Librician #2
  3. Librician #3
  4. Book Sorter
  5. Wizard #1
  6. Wizard #2
  7. Lost Girl
  8. Lost Girl's Friend #1
  9. Lost Girl's Friend #2
  10. Catadomnia Welcomer

Read the other chapters to understand them XD To be in this, you have to make a character and PLEASE put a reference picnext to the bio!!!!! HERE IS THE FORM INFO:


Name: Bob

Role: Librician #1

Personality: Plain, Boring, Dumb

Reason/s why I want to be in this: 1) I suck 2) Banana

Reference Pic: (PHOTO)


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