Okay, so this may or may not get a little complicated... so just read carefully.

So, Galaxia-Celestia's and Luna's mom- Sends out these special droplets every year on the summer solistice.  At night, she summons them and they fall from the clouds peacefully. The drops are golden, and are next to who they are destined to be with. -okay, here's the confusing part. So, there are these creatures called the Shadow Dragons who have been around since the world was created. Their hearts were cruel and black, No wait, they didn't have hearts. They were made of complete shadow and could only touch things in which belonged to them.  Zephirano, the leader, took over Equestria in ancient pony times, and shrouded the land in darkness.  All ponies were hidden away, until they heard Galaxia's voice: "The Alicorn of Myth will soon rise up and take place to destroy the Shadow Dragons once and for all and will bring forth the element of compassion,"  That lifted their spirits, so all they did was wait.  They waited for years, but the alicorn never came.  Eventually, the shadow dragons were banished underground by Celestia And Luna, and they ruled from then on.-Okay, remember the part about the drops?  Well, Galaxia figured that if the Alicorn of Myths didn't come true, then the whole world would be destroyed.  So, she sent out two drops:

Sedella Littianne and Starnote Littianne.

IN SUSPENSE........ Yeah, if you like this story, I will continue. Yes, It will be dramatic. Yes, it will be confusing.

AND IT WILL HAVE MAGIC.  So, comment your thoughts-no rude comments-about this story. Hope you liked!

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