Which of My OC's are you most like?


  1. Put the number of the question in the comment for each question
  2. Put the letter of your answer next to it
  3. See which you answered most and see which you are most like!

For example:

Here is a question: 4) What is your favorite food?





4) C.Cake

Okay? COOL let's get started!

1) Where were you born?

A. A hot, summery place

B. A happy, peaceful place

C. Another Dimension >:D

D. A beautiful kingdom

2) Favorite type of Music?

A. Rock

B. Piano music

C. My own music XD

D. Pop

3) Where do you live?

A. A hidden palace

B. A mansion

C. A bigger mansion by Canterlot Coast :D

D. A hideout away from Equestria

4) Favorite food?

A. Hot wings

B. Spaggetti

C. Sausage

D. Butternut Bisque

5) Hobby?

A. Participating in Rodeos!

B. Playing the piano

C. Writing stories

D. Camping

6) Fave color?

A. Red

B. Purple and Pink

C. Yellow

D. Blue

MOSTLY A'S: You are most like Ember Live, Princess of Fire, One of my newest DC characters! You are strong, rebellious, and exciting!

MOSTLY B'S: You are like Musica, one of my older OC's, which is Starnote's music trainer! You are calm, kind, and smart!

MOSTLY C'S: You are most like Starnote, Princess of Music and Light! You are musical, crazy, and unique!

MOSTLY D'S: You are most like Lightning Diamond, The Blacksmith! You are clever, quiet, and serective!

Hope you liked this! Comment "Trivia" if you want another one!

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