Hey everypony! Ember Live here and I'm answering some questions that you guys have asked!

Question:Do you have a pet?

Answer: Of course I do! She is an armidillo and her name is Buck!

Question:What is your favorite sport?

Answer:Roundin' up animals!

Question:What is your full name?

Answer: My name is Princess Emberflame Rebellion VonBright! I come from a fiery kingdom in which I was royalty!

Question:What is your favorite book/series?

Answer:My favorite series is the Runaway Star Pony series! Reminds me of.. Me!

Question:What is your favorite fruit?

Answer:Mangos from the sandy island that I live on!

Question:Where do you live?

Answer: I used to live in the palace in The Lava Kingdom, but my luck turned on me just because of a wish.

I ran away from home, onto an island of the coast of Las Pegasus. I decided to stay there, and now i have a marvolous home and life!

Want to ask Ember? Just comment below!

Ember Live

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