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    My Little Raindeer

    December 8, 2014 by Randomness16648

    Hi everyone. I've been super buzy. But now i'm back just to share a new blog post. As you know, Chirstmas is coming soon. So, I've use the pony creator to create the nine reinponys (is that a good name?) and some custom bios.

    1. Dasher

    Gender: Stallion

    Type: Earthpony

    Dasher is one of the fastest ponies.But most of his time is spent trying look his dashing best.

    2. Dancer

    Gender: Mare

    Type: Pegasus

    Dancer is the pony who always wants to keep moving. Once, she even worn out her old boots from dancing too much that she had to get shoes made just for dancing.

    3. Prancer

    TBC This blog post is not over yet!

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    Election Day

    November 4, 2014 by Randomness16648
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    I've been having soooo much trouble beating the game 2048! If you have the same problems, visit my brand new wiki. In this wiki, you can share your strategies to get out of a rock and a hard place. I'll be sharing my own also. Together, we can win! :P 

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