Hai. This is dedicated to mah best DCF's! Candi, MJ, and Zues, yous are so rad! XD This is for you! :3

DCF Power! 001
The first one is me, then MJ, then Candi, and finally Zeus. I added everyone's highlights. For Zeus and Candi, I looked up some DC outfits they had made on there wiki pages. For MJ, however, I used the pants and boots, because in most of her art, she adds pants and brown boots. The shirt I just made up. I shaded the skin, (with an ultra fine point peach sharpie) and also most of the clothes. I hope you gals like and in the future, I will do this again, except with Katebith, JKstudios, and BoBoJoe (perhaps with cutiecat).

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