Pink Pop101-

aka Pop

  • I live in Cali, babeh!
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is drawing on DC
  • I am batman! *whoosh*
  • Pink Pop101-


    July 28, 2013 by Pink Pop101-

    My mom. She found out. She's deleting my account. Goodbye. I will keep my wiki page for you guyz. Bai. Have a nice life. MEEEAPPPPTAAA! :'( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Pink Pop101-

    Helloe. :3 I am gonna make a fan fic about 1D! Comment below who your fave boy is. Harry is taken ^-^ and Niall, might be too. By Candi. I will probably make a second version, so you may be in that on. I will make a new blog post on who's who. Harry is taken, like I said, for both versions. :)

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  • Pink Pop101-

    Hai. This is dedicated to mah best DCF's! Candi, MJ, and Zues, yous are so rad! XD This is for you! :3

    The first one is me, then MJ, then Candi, and finally Zeus. I added everyone's highlights. For Zeus and Candi, I looked up some DC outfits they had made on there wiki pages. For MJ, however, I used the pants and boots, because in most of her art, she adds pants and brown boots. The shirt I just made up. I shaded the skin, (with an ultra fine point peach sharpie) and also most of the clothes. I hope you gals like and in the future, I will do this again, except with Katebith, JKstudios, and BoBoJoe (perhaps with cutiecat).

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  • Pink Pop101-

    My Brother!

    June 15, 2013 by Pink Pop101-

    Hey guys! It's my brother Jayden's 9th b-day tomorrow. What should I get him? Plz reply. Also, I got new highlights!


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  • Pink Pop101-

    Hi! I'm Pink_Pop101! But you can just call me Pop or Poppy. :) So, are you excited about Summer? What are your plans? I really need your opinion. :) Should I change my highlights? How should I get them?


    Q. How should I get my streaks?

    1. Red and Yellow
    2. Purple and Green
    3. Yellow and Pink
    4. Pink and Green
    5. Blue and Green
    6. Blue solid
    7. Green solid

    What do you think? I like all of them. :) The one with the most votes are the ones I will get. :D THANKS!

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