Hi I'm making a little comic with a fanfic called, Blackout 

Main character: Moon

Heartbreaker: jacob(superwolf13)

Loved wolf: natilie(FluffyWolfgirl)

Dark Angel: alejandro

wolf who has a crush on dark Angel:clarissa(lilywolf 11)

Moons BF 1: teddy(zeldaisgreat)

Moons BF 2: avalanche (xxsparkwolfxx)

Sandstorm (sandstormz)

Pinky (chibichicken)

Blue guardian: storm cloud

Green guardian: Rico (superpokegirl)

Red guardian: llama(supercreations)

Cloud wolf of good: skie(FluffyWolfgirl)

Ice wolf of good: ice (frostcreations)

The wolf of cheering snowflakes (I'm pawprintz)

Main villian: stormcloud (he turns evil later in the story)

There will be some fighting, but no blood for right now so please don't read if you don't like fighting.

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