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  • I was born on December 6
  • My occupation is cuddling michael clifford
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  • OneEmi100

    Hey Disney Create Wiki! Okay, so I'm basically running out of things to draw, and i'm not very open-minded when it comes to art, (BUT I AM NOW!) Because I have decided to be more open here, I wanted to know if anyone had any requests they wanted me to do? I'll take anything and everything, (As long as it's not like impossible! ) 

    What I'm doing this week: 

    Monday: I may not be on DC, I'm preparing for EQAO testing, (Only in Ontario or Canada or something like that..) 

    Tuesday: Actual EQAO day, DC after school

    Wednesday: Still EQAO for goodness sake.. DC after school

    Thursday: EQAO. -.- DC after school 

    Friday: No more EQAO after that, so I'll be on DC on the weekend and this day after school :)

    Art Schedule: 

    Monday-Friday: REQUESTS

    Saturday: Proba…

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  • OneEmi100


    May 5, 2013 by OneEmi100

    Hi guys!!!! I'm OneEmi100! I'm on DC as well, but I don't have as many fans as I wish I had, like the people who are like Oh. I have 5000 fans. How many do you have? I can't top that! XD I'll try to though! :) With a little help and inspiration of course. (And LOTS of self advertising..... Oops!)   Here's the link to my drawings..

    soo... Yeah. There ya go. I just want to make new friends on here, because it's a little more open ended than DC! 

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