So hey guys!! i just want to say that i was very sad these days i really love the old wiki but when people just starter  doing fights and stuff  got really mad. And all the people that left shoud come back and be like a normal person i realy want that dream i always wanted. i wished i could talk to you peeps RWC told me you guys were really nice....So  i made an account and came you guys meet me and stuff you guys were really nice to me. i really love you guys i really miss you even thought you are not here when im here.Candie i really want you back you were one of my best friends (every one else you are too) i love yah all but yah all ways fight all the time and i dont like that ok sometimes i had my fights bc i did not know yah well but now i know you by heart i will see if you are ling or not. i just want all of you to come back i really love the wiki....... the wikia is my live i be here all the time 24/7 i love yah just stop fighting and we will be just like no one else i love yah stop fight and just be like me i used to fight and now i stoped why? bc i like to be nice to yah and i really want this wikia to chage as soon as possiable.

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