Let me just say I was in a "writing romantic things" mood when I wrote this so xD

"Nice job making the shirts fall Kaitlin." I mumbled to myself, crouching down to pick up the shirts that were now lying on the ground. When I had just picked up the last shirt, I noticed something shining in the light. I leaned in closer. It was a quarter. "Never know when that'll come in hand." I mumbled to myself. I picked up the quarter and stuffed it in my pocket. I put the last shirt on the clothing rack and picked up my basket of clothes. I walked off to the cashier to pay. There was a boy in front of me with brown hair and green eyes. I noticed he was buying a pair of jeans and some t-shirts. "That'll be 40.25 please." The cashier said. The boy shuffled through his wallet. It seemed he was taking his time. I've got somewhere to be, I thought. The boy looked up. "Sorry I don't seem to have 25 cents." I suddenly remembered the quarter I picked up earlier. I rummaged through my pocket and found the quarter. "I happen to have a quarter." I said to the boy. He looked over to me and smiled. "Oh, thanks!" He smiled. I smiled back and handed him the quarter. He gave the quarter to the cashier and left with his clothes. When I was passing the clothes to the cashier, I heard "Hey!" I looked in that direction. I saw the boy. "Thanks for the quarter again!" I smiled back. "No problem." I saw him leave and payed for my clothes. As I was leaving the store, I was wondering if I would ever see that boy again. Who knows? Maybe fate just showed me my future.

And thank you for reading! BTW sorry if it was a bit longer than expected lol. ^_^

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