Music Mota

aka CG

  • I live in Wonderland
  • I was born on February 21
  • My occupation is Being A Citizen Of The Internet
  • I am A Nightmare Dressed As A Daydream
  • Music Mota

    Let me just say I was in a "writing romantic things" mood when I wrote this so xD

    "Nice job making the shirts fall Kaitlin." I mumbled to myself, crouching down to pick up the shirts that were now lying on the ground. When I had just picked up the last shirt, I noticed something shining in the light. I leaned in closer. It was a quarter. "Never know when that'll come in hand." I mumbled to myself. I picked up the quarter and stuffed it in my pocket. I put the last shirt on the clothing rack and picked up my basket of clothes. I walked off to the cashier to pay. There was a boy in front of me with brown hair and green eyes. I noticed he was buying a pair of jeans and some t-shirts. "That'll be 40.25 please." The cashier said. The boy shuffle…

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  • Music Mota

    Hello there! I'm here to make a Wiki story! Yes, yes I have been granted permission by Mist. So, I'll go ahead and tell you the plot!

    Four friends are all young writers. They write all the ideas they can think of on paper. One day, while they're at one of their gatherings writing, the computer they're writing on suddenly starts acting weird. They are then transported to dimension. It just so happened that that dimension has all the stories they ever wrote in the world. The friends are characters in the story that they landed in that will help the main characters do the job. But, since the four friends actually wrote the story, they go ahead and complete the quests without the actual main characters. Now, the four friends have to find out ho…

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