Well, the day has finally come!  How to Train Your Dragon is coming out!  Not only have I been waiting forever for it, it's one of my favorite movies.  Dispite that, it's my second day here on the Wiki with friends from DC.  I only wish that everyone were here. :'(

Either way, I've got soooo many drawings to show this site you wouldn't believe.  Either way, today I'm gonna show everyone some pics of night furys I've drawn, as well as just dragons in general.  I hope you all enjoy.  :)
  • Toothless drawn on the chat on Google +
  • Toothless (again) drawn on the chat on Google +
  • Me being my weird self and dragon-ifying Dusty Crophopper, from Planes
  • One of my most accepted works on DC.
  • Streak, one of my main mascots, appears in a few of my stories on FanFiction.
  • Once again, I was being weird and photo edited a pic of Skipper from Planes as a dragon.
  • Being odd (again) and drawing Dusty Crophopper and Toothless together.
  • Just a bunch of dragon concept art.
  • The first photo EVER drawn of Streak... he changed quite a bit...
  • The dragon that InspireStorm won of my creation... I miss her...
  • Windbreaker, a dragon I created for a contest on DC.
  • Mistmaker, yet another dragon created solely for the purpose of a contest.
  • The first time I drew Streak on DC.
  • Streak and Cosandk's dragon, Tarluck.
  • Just Streak being Streak.
  • A drawing I created for Cosandk.
  • A drawing for a contest... don't remember which one.
  • Stream, a dragon I created a long time ago.
  • Toothless and Bolt, drawn on DC.
  • A drawing of dragons I did on DC. It never did get accepted.
  • CARSgirl's mascot I drew for her on DC.
  • Streak, again.
  • Two dragons, the one on top is mine.
  • Streak and Riversong, two lovebirds.
  • Zaron, my take on TonkoneseKitty's dragon. Thank you, TonkoneseKitty.
  • Two night fury's created by different DC artists for me.
  • Iceberg and Conleth, two of my night furys.
  • A note for PetsGalore01 featuring Icen, Iceberg, and Tiger, her mascot.
  • Iceberg, one of my night furys.
  • Coalson, yet another of my might furys.
  • Forest, one of my dragons.
  • Streak again.

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