Turns out that the "wikicop" is just good ol' petshopface. I knew it. -__- I hope you learned your lesson young lady which is: Don't comment on stuff just because you don't like it. Candi.. Oh I forgot! The letter C is a bad word, how shameful..... I guess we should just take the letter C out of the alphabet because it's a horrible word! ;O Oh dear! No, I don't tollerate that kind of CRAP. I can say whatever I want because its a free country! I HAVE FREEDOM! And you can't take my freedom away from me. If you can't tollerate this wiki, then it's best to maybe get off of it. Pssh, I did that with so many websites. And I feel great. Thank you petshopface for taking down those mean pictures of Candifloss. I appreciate it. Next time, think before you comment. Ciao, -Mockingjay1001

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