StarClan, she thought. Are you there? Do you have a message for me?

WillowClan’s medicine cat had earlier received an omen. An omen for what? That danger was coming. SparrowClan attacking? A hard leaf-bare, or a drought? A clanmate turning on everyone? StarClan’s signs were never clear, but they had to be interpreted somehow. Whatever it was, it meant danger.

Now she looked up at the moon, shining almost mockingly through the dark sky. Transparent bodies fluttered among the stars, their light paws carrying them through the breeze. Crystalshimmer watched longingly, waiting for a voice to speak. Her paws tingled with yearning for the wise advice of StarClan, telling that everything would be fine in the end.

“Crystalshimmer.” The voice rang loud and clear, but did not come from the sky. The young medicine cat turned around, flinching as she recognized her former mentor, Troutripple, drenched in deep red blood oozing from a large gash on his chest.

“T-troutripple—” Crystalshimmer stopped as the horrific sight disappeared, leaving the medicine cat back to normal, standing tall with his glossy fur. It was just a vision, after all—but what did it mean?

Troutripple stepped forward, his eyes blazing with knowledge.

“The stars you see in the sky may appear to stay still, but those stars are traveling—yet, they’re the same stars,” he began in a voice full of mysterious wisdom. “Look to the icy-blue sky, see the star that guides all.”

With that, he vanished in the midst of a heartbeat, leaving mist swirling around him. The prancing cats in the moon had turned into dark, solemn figures, almost whispering to eachother in sympathy for Crystalshimmer.

It must mean grave danger, Crystalshimmer decided as she blinked opened her eyes. But… what’s going to happen? What could it all mean? Oh, StarClan, how do we prepare if you’re never clear…?

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