WAS [Wolf, Anime, Sonic] artists become NOW artists!

-Tinton2, the official Club quote

(Please do not take offence to this in any way! We simply want the good days back.)

Hey guys! If you were at chat, you'd have noticed our yelling about missing the old Disney Create—assortments of art styles, everyone included, no lousy pictures—and how much we want it back.

Well, don't you also want it back?

The old DC:

  • Art styles such as anime, wolves, sonic characters, etc. and original styles filled on DC... Assortments; everything included.
  • Friendly artistis conversing, everyone being included, happiness everytime you log in.
  • Fun contests and actual fun drawing. Not as much pressure or boredom.
  • No more lousy, mediocre, stamp-traced, effortless art getting so many views. Artists who are worth it.
  • And less of MLP, PPG, Frozen, stamps, star-begs etc. (no offence) hogging all the popularity! We need variety!

You can't find this as much anymore on Disney Create today... It's not the same. But we're teaming up to bring it back.

Who's in this club?

Our leaders are:

Me, Mist566. Tinton2, and Moon0123. (Idea credits to all of us.) We work together to bring back the styles we love, and show the true importance of art.

  • Zodizo/AnimeWolfForest
  • Under_Par
  • 123LoveLost
  • glowb
  • Rustyscreech
  • Blackpuffledj
  • Lilderpderp
  • Drizzleanime
  • Totally_me/Spark_eye245
  • Eclipseowl
  • CoconutSprinkles/CinnamonSmiles
  • Awesomeperson110
  • oO_birdie_Oo

If you'd like to join, comment below! I'll add you to the list.

Also, please show your support as much as you can! Draw a picture making a statement—"Bring back [style]!", "Be Creative!", "Remember [artist]?", "True art is art with effort."—and help us out by sending a message to DC. Any little donation you can make to this club is appreciated.

Thank you. Together, we will restore the Disney Create we know and love the best we can.

Supportive Pictures! Thank you!

  • Cinnamonsmiles's Contribution

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