So I looked up pics on Google, so I'm gonna write a story to go with each lol. Enjoy, if possible -w-

"It was a Tragic Death, Greystripe."

"I love you, Silverstream. I'll take care of the kits." 

Those were the last words I said to her. Silverstream was the greatest cat you could ever meet... Beautiful, passionate, respectful, sweet...

"It was a tragic death, Greystripe," Fireheart had told me. "But we have to move on." He'd always ask, "You miss her, don't you?" The only thing I could say to him was, "I loved her."


I woke up to the sunshine in my eyes. Instantly I thought of what had been in my mind the whole night: Silverstream. She had recently told me that she was having kits, and you could guess how excited was! I needed to see her. I instantly raced out of the den, watching both sides of me. The camp was empty, and the sun rising shone an eerie light on the leaf-fall leaves. Just as I headed for the dirt place entrance, I heard someone following me with heavy pawsteps. I turned around, facing a ginger cat, his green eyes shining curiously.

"Where are you off to, now, Greystripe?" Fireheart asked, pacing next to me.

I looked at my paws, to the tunnel, and then took a deep breath. "I'm off to see Silverstream," I replied slowly. "She..." I fell silent. Should I tell Fireheart?

"She what?" he prompted, looking me straight in the eye.

"She's having kits, Fireheart. I need to see her," I breathed quickly. "I don't know when they'll come, but it'll be soon!"

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