Hey guysh. Well I am going to draw a picture of six MLP OCs (including mine) as Sonic characters on DC. If you'd like to be in the picture, please comment below. Simply say you'd like to be in it and which MLP OC I should draw. ^-^ First 5 commenters who'd like to be in the picture will. If I get more people who'd like to be in the picture then I'll make a part 2 of the picture. Thanks! I'll get it done when I'm free lol.

Also, if you'd like, check out my other blogs, please? owo Gif reaction game  and WikiClan , if you could. Thanks! :3


Those who will be in the picture:

  • Blazing Sea (GummyUniKorn)
  • Rose Latte (Candifloss)
  • Daycloud Bow (Kletom)
  • Starnote (Rapunzelosum)
  • Fireheart (Zeldaisgreat)

Users to be in the upcoming second picture:

  • Colorsplash (Katebith)
  • Bluesky (Blackpuffledj)
  • Blue Note (Elegantlyart)
  • Sunset Bliss (Sunnykitty)
  • One more person still has a chance!

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