The things you can find while procrastinating, ehhh right?

Well, through Wikipedia, I discovered that, yes, you can still use DC.

Now, obviously, it won't be the same. You can't log in, meaning you can't go through your art, you can't use stamps, save drawings, et cetera. The art viewing is limited. But it's still great.

This way allows you to use the painters, scroll through thumbnails of recent art, and look at artists' pages.

Well how do you do it? With this thing called the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. It's a really awesome invention/website.

Here's the link to DC as of April 30th. Disney Create on the WayBack

And the Manga Painter: Manga Painter on the WayBack (It works perfectly well, besides using stamps. You can't save to your account, but you can download or screenshot.)

You can search any part of the DC site, including artists' pages, painters, or other areas.

So to those of you who just wanted a feel of DC again, or are artblocked without DC painters, here you go!

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