• Mistpaw Design 1 (This design is closest)
  • Mistpaw Design 2 (Closest colors)
  • Mistpaw Design 3 (W/ Description)
  • Mistpaw Design 4 (Closest head design)
  • 123LoveLost - Emeraldpaw
  • 123LoveLost - Emeraldpaw (Ref. Sheet)
  • Katebith - Flame
  • Candifloss - Swag Hound XD
  • Music_Mota - Whiteheart
  • Rapunzelosum - Liz
  • 123LoveLost - Thornpaw
  • Blackpuffledj - Blackpaw

Hey, guys! :3 I decided I’d do a story thing today, where, if you want to be in it, you can fill out your entry. It’s going to be in the Warriors (a book by Erin Hunter) point of view, so we’re all going to be cats, lol. I may be doing some pictures to go along as well. So, let’s get started! Do you want to be in it?


Mistpaw’s sister: Emeraldpaw (123LoveLost)

Mistpaw’s mother:

Mistpaw’s friend 1: Stormpaw (Derpyhooves78)

Friend 2: Whitepaw (Music_Mota)

Friend 3: Blackpaw (Blackpuffledj-official)

Clan leader:

Loner of Prophecy:

Inside-Clan enemy:

Rogue: Flame (RealColorsplash)

Kittypet Helper: Swag Hound (Candifloss-official)

Mistpaw's Crush: Thornpaw (123LoveLost)

Background cats/Other Clanmates: Liz (Rapunzelosum) - Swag Hound's neighbor,

If you want to be in it, please fill this out:


Warrior Name:



Reference Picture:

Why do you want to be in the comic? (At least 2 reasons)-

Extra Info:


The warrior names should be a two-part name, which should be nature-related, and coming from your username or mascot’s name, or you can make them up (For example: Mistpaw, Splashnose, Sweetpaw); or if you’re going for the loner/kittypet/rogue role, it really can be anything, such as your real name or something coming off your username or mascot’s name (for example, Queen, Rapunzel, Eden). 

Some will be apprentices; therefore shall end in –paw. These include the sister and 3 friends. The leader ends in –star.

If you can’t think of one, just tell me, or you can try with this generator . xD


Remember, you're a cat. Include your eye color, pattern, colors, and anything else (ex: fluffy, long tail, white paws, etc). The reference picture is optional, but I'd prefer you have it. You can draw it up quickly, find a pic off images, or use any cat creator game you find. (I use the creators here )

Background cats:

This will probably be everbody who enters and doesn't get a role. I may also just use random wiki people to be this.

Clan name:

WillowClan it is! Thank you for your votes! C: And special thanks to CG for coming up with the name! :3

If you're confused about anything, please tell me! I may add some more rolls or info soon. :3 Good luck and have fun! :D

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