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  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is looking back to the times i overused xD
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    I am bored, so I want to know your first things on the wiki, so just comment them below or link it. ^^ 

    I could be doing better things right now lol.

    First Comment (if you were a contributor, do one as a contributor and one on your first account):

    First Photo Uploaded:

    First Blog Post:

    First Page Edit:

    First Page Made (or recycled):

    First Message on Another's Wall:

    First Version of Your Profile:

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    The things you can find while procrastinating, ehhh right?

    Well, through Wikipedia, I discovered that, yes, you can still use DC.

    Now, obviously, it won't be the same. You can't log in, meaning you can't go through your art, you can't use stamps, save drawings, et cetera. The art viewing is limited. But it's still great.

    This way allows you to use the painters, scroll through thumbnails of recent art, and look at artists' pages.

    Well how do you do it? With this thing called the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. It's a really awesome invention/website.

    Here's the link to DC as of April 30th. Disney Create on the WayBack

    And the Manga Painter: Manga Painter on the WayBack (It works perfectly well, besides using stamps. You can't save to your accoun…

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  • Mist on DC

    Hi my name is Mist. I didn't have time to write this yesterday but whatever lol

    Well nobody really guessed what yesterday, June 8th, was, though I didn't expect anyone to. It was my one-year anniversary as a user on this wiki :D

    It's confusing, I can't exactly say I've been here for 1 whole year, but it's been a year and a day since I found this wiki. :3

    So since I'm really lazy right now and should be doing my homework, I'm not gonna write a whole bunch of stuff yet lol. 

    But I love all the friends I've made, whether or not they're still active to this day, whether or not they still consider me a friend. Thank you all for the support, you're amazing people!

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  • Mist on DC


    April 1, 2014 by Mist on DC
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  • Mist on DC


    March 6, 2014 by Mist on DC

    WAS [Wolf, Anime, Sonic] artists become NOW artists!

    -Tinton2, the official Club quote

    (Please do not take offence to this in any way! We simply want the good days back.)

    Hey guys! If you were at chat, you'd have noticed our yelling about missing the old Disney Create—assortments of art styles, everyone included, no lousy pictures—and how much we want it back.

    Well, don't you also want it back?

    The old DC:

    • Art styles such as anime, wolves, sonic characters, etc. and original styles filled on DC... Assortments; everything included.
    • Friendly artistis conversing, everyone being included, happiness everytime you log in.
    • Fun contests and actual fun drawing. Not as much pressure or boredom.
    • No more lousy, mediocre, stamp-traced, effortless art getting s…

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