"OH NO HEADDESK FTW!" Candi shouted, surprised that EML was taking over her wiki. "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH THROW THE CHEESE!!" Cample said back. Then AntwonlovesAT came. "Oh no, I thought we threw pie." So Candi and Ant threw pie at EML and Cample while they through cheese back, but soon they lost their cheese and died. THE END.


Bubbleskirt was rolling on the floor laughing. "Why in the world are you laughing?!" PSF shouted at her. "Because," she said, "funny stuff." So, since they were on a cliff, PSF kicked her off and down she rolled. At the bottom she fell into a river. "XD! XD!" she shouted, and caught sight of Lucy100-. "You're here?!" she asked, still giggling a bit. "Yeah," she said. "I mean, no, not at all." Bubbleskirt understood. THE END


"Don't tell me...." I heard faded words through my ears. "Tell you what?" I washed a tear away. "Lovie, don't tell me it's true." I realized who it was--Denim. "Um.... what," I said. "DON'T TELL ME I DIED!!!" He shouted. Then, he died. The end. ^-^


"WOAH!" Crazy screamed! "SOOOOOO INTENSE!" Mist had to say in agree with her. What were they doing? Watching something. Not an intense movie, no, not a TV show, play, or anything.... but.... CARL! CARL WAS TRYING TO GET A BANANA PEEL ON HIS HEAD! "C-can he do it?" MJ whimpered. "YES!" a shout came in, and Nugget the flying pig was here. "YES HE CAN!" And so it happened, he did. Everyone cheered. THE END!


"I can't take it anymore... I can't!" Picklez sat staring like O_O at the Disney Approval group. "Heh, yeeaaah," Nan yawned sarcastically. But it was true.... nothing has been approving in a month!!! "AAAAAAH!" screamed Midnite. "Did you hear the news?!" Tardis came rushing next tio her. "Yeah--"her eyes widened--"THE DC APOCOLYPSE!" Oh, no, everyone thought. Verena stared up at the sky. "Yup... look at it. The sky is falling artworks..." "NOT GOOD!" a series of people said. "Okay, it'll be okay," CG said. "Just stay there, the safe-apocolypse-free-zone." So they did, and were safe. THE END!


"Neppy." I didn't want to hear more of this, but it kept coming again out of Derp's mouth: "NEPPY!" I finally replied to my name, and sighed. "WHAT THE STUFF DO YOU WANT DERP." Derp sat back down at her computer, wide-eyed. "Hey, come look, Neppy!" So I came over to the screen, and, "MADE YOU LOOK," derp said with buck teeth. So I just walked back to continue reading homestuck. "And, be quiet," I added to Aero as he looked up at me questioningly. THE END


More later, lol, which do you like best?

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