So, hey people, I am just writing a random story today about UnkownArtist's characters, I will probably be doing this more with other artists. I am weird, see.....? The story is from Uni's point of view. All characters are ©UnkownArtist from DC. (PS: If you see this, UA, please don't think I'm a freak xD I'm just a really big fan and love writing to express myself, so I thought, why not....? :B This goes to other people too.) No offense to ArtisticWolfLuv, of course, they're a cute couple and I'd never want them to be apart! Just love to write! :3 Yeah, requests will be open for this, but idk who would want me to write about it lol. This one is called "Heartbroken." Here goes.


Ooops! I thought to myself as I strolled through the park and the rose fell out of my mouth. Wouldn't want that getting dirty! I was going to give these to my closest friend--and crush, as you might've guessed--Clive. He's been with me all my life, I wouldn't imagine being without him. I quickly picked up the rose, hoping the blue-and-green wolf passing by wouldn't notce. I knew Clive was here, he told me he was going out to take a jog earlier this morning. He just loved wuick jogs through the park! I knew it would be my perfect chance. As the wind blew and my purple mane swirled around me, I finally got to a place I thought I could smell him. I walked up to a beautiful bush of lilacs, Ah, the wonderful scent. Wouldn't it be great if I got a fresh bouqet of flowers as, amazing as that? I smiled as I thought of the wonderful days we could have together, Clive and I. I crawled through the bushes, not minding the leaves that brushed against my fur. I went quietly, though-- a surprise would be good. As soon as I could see through the other end of the shrub, but I wasn't visible, I stayed put. I was looking through, and gasped silently. What did I see?


Mist566 (talk) 02:22, July 17, 2013 (UTC)

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