Hai guys, I was bored, so I just decided to make a questions page, I've always wanted to lol. So here goes, xD

  • Introduce yo self! How do you think other artists would describe you. And why do you love DC?


  • What was your first pic on DC of? (Give link, if you please.) How would you describe it now?


  • Which famous, older artist would you rather be:

Slinki47 , Artwonder12 , or NeonductTape?

  • Without DC, what would you be doing now?


  • What's your biggest peeve about DC:
  • Approval Process, Art theft, Painter glitches (undo button, not saving, etc.), The DC glitches that have recently been happenning (No icon, pics not loading, etc.), or other:_________?
  • Which artist do you think deserves more fans on DC right now?


  • What is the best style on DC:

Anime, Realistic, OSC, Wolves/fursonas, MLP, PPG, AT, chibi, Kawaii, or other:_______?

  • What are your three favorite painters, in order? Three favorite different types of things to create with (Mashup, animods, etc.)?


  • What is your opinion for these Polls?

Poll, A:_____; Poll , A:_____; Poll , A:_____; Poll , A:_____

  • Who is your favorite artist in these categories:

Wolf:____; Realistic drawings:____; OSCs:____; Anime:____; Cartoons:____; Chibi:____; PPG:____; MLP:____; All-around:____?

  • If you could meet anyone from DC personally, who would it be?


  • Which picture best describes you out of the groups?

1 , 2 , or 3 ; 1 , 2 , or 3 ; 1 , 2 , or 3 ; 1 , 2 , or 3 ?

  • Which person on DC do you hate/dislike the most?


  • Which contest is your favorite out of DC_Artist's pics?


Kay, that's all for now! Hope you like it, and hope I get answers! I'll answer them myself, too. And sorry if the pics don't show up-- try and, maybe answer those Q's another time when DC's not glitched up, or go to the artist's page and look at the tumbnail. Ciao! ^U^

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