My Dream Man Mad:)Take

My "Dream Man" should, first of all be very Kind and Funky. He should have a physique likeLiam Payne, a profile like Pewdiepie, and the intelligence of a/an Giraffe. He must be polite and must always remember to Sink my Bunny, to tip his Pillow and to take my Tooth when crossing the street. He should move Slyly, have a/an Fast voice, and should always dressStatisticly. I would also like him to be a/an Pink dancer, and when we are alone he should whisper Smelly nothings into my Muscle and hold my Crazy Case. I know a/an Mind is hard to find. In fact the only one I can think of is Steve Harvey


Love Letter 4 Mad:)Take

Dear Lovie,

You are extremly Lovable and I Sweat you! I want kiss your Eyelash 14 times. You make my Pumpkin burn with desire. When I first saw you, I Questioningly stared at you and fell in love. Will you Jump out with me? Don`t let your parents discourage you, Grandmas are just jealous.

Yours forever, Emily (Pens)


Sick Note Mad:)Take

Dear School Nurse: Thingy Romney will not be attending school today. He/she has come down with a case ofOne Direction Infection and has horrible Lips and a/an Smelly fever. We have made an appointment with the Baggy Dr. Squeash, who studied for many years in Uranus and has 432degrees in pediatrics. He will send you all the information you need. Thank you! Sincerely Mrs. Positive.


Henry and the Devious Designers Mad:)Take

The year is 22, and Korea`s Grass with Mexico is History.

In his continued efforts to outdo the Senator of Mexico, His Majesty, King Johnny VIII, has invited some of the country`s most Girly Nurse to create for him a Butterfly fit for the mostUgly-Ish of all Pilot: himself. 

Unfortunately, His Majesty`s Compteitive Spot are turning his once-Ginger kingdom intoKorea`s Oldest Collar. In an act of desperation, Queen Lady has convinced a/an RoundDutch Teacher to Fart her husband`s beloved country with a much-needed Bowtie. Only three things stand in the way of this happening: the Teacher`s easily offended Tardis; a pair ofNurse who may not be who or what they seem; and the king himself.

Fly all this and some Polka-Dotted and Creepy Necklaces in our Writing.


Runaway Bride Proposal Mad:)Take

Look, I guarantee there`ll be Daring times. I guarantee that at some Kitten14 or both of us is gonna want to get out of this Spark. But I also guarantee that if I don`t ask you to beUntruthful, I`ll Twerk it for the rest of my Makeup, because I know, in my Tush, you`re theShy one for me.


Romantic Poetry Mad:)Take

Roses are Gurple Stripes are blue,  Cheek is Funny and so are you.


Popular Video Game 2 Mad:)Take

In NatalieWord of Time you play Stan, a young boy who has no Blanket. In this adventure, he Clicks with his trusty Fossil and many other Gameboy from his inventory. He travels through time working with Wolves and Turtles to Blink the Forbidden Camera andSprint Natalie, the Plaid princess.

Spongebob Squarepants Theme Mad:)Take

Captain: Ohhhhh... who lives in a Melon under the Algae?

Kids: Hannah Squarepants!

Captain: Furry and Rainbow Sparkle and Deep is he!

Kids: Hannah Squarepants!

Captain: If Spontaneous Leaf be somthing you Laugh...

Kids: Hannah Squarepants!

Captain: Then Speak on the Horseshoe and Lie like a Horse

Kids: Hannah Squarepants!

Captain: Ready?

Everyone: Hannah Squarepants! Hannah Squarepants! Hannah Squarepants!

Captain: Hannah... Squarepants! ahhhahhhahahhaha!


Serial Killer Mad:)Take

Robert Forester was a Random man. He was alway a Crazy type of man. He never hurt anyone... Until 62 years ago. He was even the one who killed Perrie Edwards! He used different things to murder people with. Even Dresses! He once even shoved a mans Limb into a Headband. He was inspired by Obama. He took souveniors from his victoms, such asVains. He then was caught by a Broken police man because of the Dimented smell coming from his Thought. He had over 6 bodies in his Video Game. He was sent to prison for 88 life terms.

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