Hey guys, If you havent knew I am new to this wiki so I am gonna make my offcial 1st blog post yey O_O From Candifloss I found a link that took me to Pixel Painter, its not perfect but it will work until I find something else, Also, the save and stamps are JUST like the old lay-out I remember it because I was a artist in 2010. So wow, its somewhat back and how you can share and save your art is.... 1. Finish your art ( of course ) 2. Take out the snipping tool in your computer, if you have windows 8 like I do go to search and search for it, anyway, any computer, there IS a snipping tool. 3. Snip it and save to a file in your computer. 4. Have fun! ~ Miss

Wow, DC is alive.. ~ Miss

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