Meh cover photo :D

1. Into darkness- (It is more violent than the one on Disney "In the game")- A kid named Cole created something for his birthday, a computer game where you can transport real people in the game! When no one shows up at his birthday party, mostly the 4 kids he really wanted to come, he traps the 4 kids in the game. They all have 2 weeks to find the exit and escape. Sadly, 2 of the kids die in the middle of the game. But 2 of them will make it out!

2. Out of the Ashes-(TO VIOLENT TO BE A DISNEY COMIC!)- It's the end of the world. Our countries could not just get along. Now there are only 2 left that are living. My name is Sydney. I live in Sydeny, Australia, (What were my parents thinking?) The nuclear bomb just hit... I think I'm the only person left on earth All of that changes when Sydney finds someone alive! A few days later a Helicopter comes to see if anyone survived the bomb. Sydney later finds out they are helping people into a secret place where they would be safe in the USA... But there is an enemy ready to strike...


Yeah...this one is not as good...

3. Dreams-(It could be turned into a Disney comic, but meh, it might be too violent, wait, maybe not!)- Rumor was put in a labratory for her whole life. She has been sleeping her whole life. But she didn't know, her whole life was a dream. When she wakes up, she has an object that was held in real life when she saw it in her dream! How would an object from the dream world come into the real world?


Yup. lol

4. The healing garden- (I will make this into a DC comic later...) Taylor is forced to move in the middle of nowhere. The only good thing about the house is that it has a garden in the woods. The garden can heal wounds no matter how terrible. Taylor later finds out a fairy is taking care of the garden. But the fairy will offer Taylor the garden. What Taylor does not know is that the fairy plans to use her power for ultimate power.




So, do you like the ideas? :3 Which one is the best? :B

(I made the covers! Like em?)

I Have no idea what the point in the blog was for.. lol i was bored.

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