Hey guys, I'm planning on making 2 of my stories into a comic. But, I decided one for them to have OC'S in them!

SO the comic is called Dreams and it's abotu a 13 year old girl named Rumor who has been sleeping in a labratory for all her life. When she wakes up, she holds an object from her dream. How would an object from the dream world come into the real world?

So I created the design for Rumor, but, I decided everyone's OC'S could be in the comic!

Here are the parts that are taken.

The Main-(The Main is a nickname Rumor calls her. Make up a real name if you want! Please make her 18 or older!)-123lovelost

Scientest 1-Lilderpderp

Scientest 2-Turtumy

Scientest 3-Candifloss

Rumor's crush in the dream world-BubbleskirtDC

Rumor's crush in the real world-TeamFinnickOdair

Rumor's dream world mother-BoBoJoe

Rumor's dream world father-BoBoJoe


Villians assistant-Verena-chan

Thanks for entering!

When I have chosen all the characters I will draw the skecthes for them.

Okay! Mkay bai.

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