Dear anyone who has this DCTV idea


Guys, get this in your heads... IT IS GOING TO TAKE TWO FREAKING HOURS TO GET TWO MINUTES OF AN ANIMATION DONE. Now, I know, I know. You're all excited. I'd be excited too, but, guys. LOGIC. Screenwrite takes a long time (Not as long as animation though) You don't want it to be cliché like most shows these days.

Come on guys


Plus, Voice acting! I see everyone has different characters! It's going to be hard to collab all of your voices, and put them in the show to make them sound non- collab! Plus, not everyone's voices will fit certain parts, and people might fight over characters, it'll be a big mess.

Just give up on this idea guys, too many flaws. It won't work out like you dream it'll be.

Now, before you say 'YOURE A NON BELIEVER"

Guys, this whole idea is just-


Now, Have a nice day.

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