Ok guys, I said I would make 2 of my stories into comics. But this one will be on Disney. And some OC's are gonna be allowed in them! So the story is called The Healing garden and it's about a girl named Taylor who moves to the middle of nowhere, but she finds a garden in the woods and finds out it can heal wounds! She later find out a fairy is taking care of the garden. But the fairy is willing to give the garden to Taylor. What Taylor doesn't know is that the fairy is planning to use her power for ultimate power. BTW Taylor is 12.

Here are the available spots

Taylor's older sister/gaurdian:

Taylor's best friend

Taylor's crush/friend (She's to shy to tell him she likes him.)-

The evil fairy-

Taylor's cousin-

The mean girl in school-

Ok here is the form





why should you be in the comic?-

UPDATE ON DREAMS: Sorry I haven't posted anything yet. I'm kind of having writers block with chapter 1....

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