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    March 12, 2014 by Maximum Fire

    Dear anyone who has this DCTV idea

    Guys, get this in your heads... IT IS GOING TO TAKE TWO FREAKING HOURS TO GET TWO MINUTES OF AN ANIMATION DONE. Now, I know, I know. You're all excited. I'd be excited too, but, guys. LOGIC. Screenwrite takes a long time (Not as long as animation though) You don't want it to be cliché like most shows these days.

    Come on guys

    Plus, Voice acting! I see everyone has different characters! It's going to be hard to collab all of your voices, and put them in the show to make them sound non- collab! Plus, not everyone's voices will fit certain parts, and people might fight over characters, it'll be a big mess.

    Just give up on this idea guys, too many flaws. It won't work out like you dream it'll be.

    Now, before you sa…

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  • Maximum Fire

    The Writers Games!

    July 31, 2013 by Maximum Fire

    This is a roleplay of The Hunger Games. 

    Welcome to The first annual writers games! The arena: 24 islands for 24 tributes Everytime a tribute dies, an island skinks into the ocean. 

    Here is the tribute form


    Age: (12-18)-




    District token


    mkay bai

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    Ok guys, I said I would make 2 of my stories into comics. But this one will be on Disney. And some OC's are gonna be allowed in them! So the story is called The Healing garden and it's about a girl named Taylor who moves to the middle of nowhere, but she finds a garden in the woods and finds out it can heal wounds! She later find out a fairy is taking care of the garden. But the fairy is willing to give the garden to Taylor. What Taylor doesn't know is that the fairy is planning to use her power for ultimate power. BTW Taylor is 12.

    Here are the available spots

    Taylor's older sister/gaurdian:

    Taylor's best friend

    Taylor's crush/friend (She's to shy to tell him she likes him.)-

    The evil fairy-

    Taylor's cousin-

    The mean girl in school-

    Ok here is th…

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    Hey guys, I'm planning on making 2 of my stories into a comic. But, I decided one for them to have OC'S in them!

    SO the comic is called Dreams and it's abotu a 13 year old girl named Rumor who has been sleeping in a labratory for all her life. When she wakes up, she holds an object from her dream. How would an object from the dream world come into the real world?

    So I created the design for Rumor, but, I decided everyone's OC'S could be in the comic!

    Here are the parts that are taken.

    The Main-(The Main is a nickname Rumor calls her. Make up a real name if you want! Please make her 18 or older!)-123lovelost

    Scientest 1-Lilderpderp

    Scientest 2-Turtumy

    Scientest 3-Candifloss

    Rumor's crush in the dream world-BubbleskirtDC

    Rumor's crush in the real wor…

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  • Maximum Fire

    1. Into darkness- (It is more violent than the one on Disney "In the game")- A kid named Cole created something for his birthday, a computer game where you can transport real people in the game! When no one shows up at his birthday party, mostly the 4 kids he really wanted to come, he traps the 4 kids in the game. They all have 2 weeks to find the exit and escape. Sadly, 2 of the kids die in the middle of the game. But 2 of them will make it out!

    2. Out of the Ashes-(TO VIOLENT TO BE A DISNEY COMIC!)- It's the end of the world. Our countries could not just get along. Now there are only 2 left that are living. My name is Sydney. I live in Sydeny, Australia, (What were my parents thinking?) The nuclear bomb just hit... I think I'm the only pe…

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