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    July 10, 2013 by Lilythewolf11

    A story ,LOVE story

    Clarissa was watching alejandro talk with natilie. She was shy but still didnt like this "couple". *sigh* clarissa said. She needed a distraction... BING!!! she will change natilies mind with,LIEING!! She went over to natilie.. Natilie! she said. Alejandro jumped into action. WHAT?! natilie asked suprised. I need to tell you about... MAX!!! Natilie blushed. Alejandro snarled. Yes?! she asked. clarissa looked around and picked up a dropped bouqie (sp) of flowers. He wants to give you these! Natilie gasps! Alejandro gives up and uses his full strength to jump and rip the flowers apart. ALEJANDRO! natilie screamed! HOW COULD YOU!? MAYBE I SHOULD TAKE MAX TO THE MOONLIGHT HOWL!! alejandro whimpered and ran off. Clarissa was …

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