Heyoz, DC wiki! So for an art program at school this year, we had to write a 3 chapter long story. And today, I've decided to recreate the story!

I will give out the roles before I explain the plot:

Best Friend: Lovee (123LoveLost)

Camp Instructor: Kai (Kai2000-)

Half Human/Half Angel: Hannah (Mist566)

Friend 1: Natalie (CrazyCat1802)

Friend 2: Aoi (Verena-Chan)

Friend 3: Sydney (BubbleSkirtDC)

Friend 4: Maria (Watername2468)

Friendly or Mean(your choice) stranger: Ginger (petshopface)

Master(Villian): Venus (TB001)

Plot: Mari (me), her friends, and one of their older sisters(camp instructor) are going on a camping trip to the forest. They encounter an inhuman creature, then walk away. A few minutes later, they realized that they were going the wrong way. They split up to find the way back. After long periods of time, they got tired of walking, so they rested. All of them accidentally fell asleep. When they woke up, they found the inhuman creatures surrounding them. The ground couldn't hold the weight and suddenly, the whole forest collasped and made a HUGE hole. While falling down the hole, they heard someone cackling not too far, and became unconscious. They find themselves in the forbidden grounds of the Forest of Darkness, which is to be said, in a parallel universe. Will all of them make it?

How to "enter":                                                                                                                                                                                      - Give your role                                                                                                                                                                          - Give a name (could be you or your OC but I prefer you; If it's you, then you may use a nickname.)                        - Give me 3 good reasons why you should get the part                                                                                                    - Describe you or your character

And well, that's it! I will also be illustrating. ^-^ 

  •  NOTE: There will be blood but there will be some violence. ^-^ Please don't read if you don't like this kind of stuff. Thank you! :D

                                                      Your fellow DC wikier,


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