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    Ayo peoplez. I was granted permission to do something like what Mist was doing, by Mist, obviously... The story is called "CyberGaming" and I was inspired by this anime called Sword Art Online to come up with this. Onto the plot! :D

    Slots are now closed. I really liked all the bios you guys made, thank you. I'll be starting this shortly after I finish everything on my dA to-do list.


    A group of friends were just at the main character's house, just chilling and surfing on the internet. While waiting for this one video to buffer, an ad popped out onto their computer screen. It read "Want to be in a game? CLICK HERE!" and of course, the curious friends clicked on the ad, although they weren't so sure what they meant by "Want to be in a game…

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    Heyoz, DC wiki! So for an art program at school this year, we had to write a 3 chapter long story. And today, I've decided to recreate the story!

    I will give out the roles before I explain the plot:

    Best Friend: Lovee (123LoveLost)

    Camp Instructor: Kai (Kai2000-)

    Half Human/Half Angel: Hannah (Mist566)

    Friend 1: Natalie (CrazyCat1802)

    Friend 2: Aoi (Verena-Chan)

    Friend 3: Sydney (BubbleSkirtDC)

    Friend 4: Maria (Watername2468)

    Friendly or Mean(your choice) stranger: Ginger (petshopface)

    Master(Villian): Venus (TB001)

    Plot: Mari (me), her friends, and one of their older sisters(camp instructor) are going on a camping trip to the forest. They encounter an inhuman creature, then walk away. A few minutes later, they realized that they were going the wrong…

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    Cutie let me make a request page for myself so people could request something for Paint Tool SAI. I didn't want to copy, but I was bored, and she let me. 

    To request:

    1. Comment down below with a picture. (I will need a source.)
    2. Request in what style you want. (anime/manga or chibi)
    3. Try not to request and "me and you" pic.
    4. That's it...I think..?

    So that is it! Goodbye and PLEASE comment! Thanks! :DDDDDDD


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    Hello, DC Wiki. As you can see in the title, I'm leaving. I know I'm over exaggerating, but who cares? You don't obviously. People called ME, yes only me, cruel JUST BECAUSE I said, "EFFFFFFFFFF YOU!" to Neptune-chan even though she says it to me back. I'm just getting freaking tired of all the people saying, "DUDE! Don't cuss! It's bad thing!" Well, guess what? You just made me leave. You are making me sick with all this bullcrap. Just please, don't show up in front of me, yelling at me, because I'm cussing. Because NOBODY gives a crap. And guess what? You're propbably the same person that made Cutie_Cat1001 leave. If you have a phobia of cussing (like PSF), I suggest you just back away from me, leave me alone. For people NOT like PSF, why…

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    Hai, DC wiki! I will start working on a pic of many people again, but this time on DC! :D

    Same thing for mai previous contest, enter by commenting below w/ a pic, i'll do bubblegum in the dish, and maybe you'll get picked! :D I'll start on the pic once I get mai drawing tablet! :3

    I'll be judging every 3 people who enter. There will be 9 winners(I think I have enough space for that)! Good luck! :D


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