Hi there.

So, it's been an "interesting" few days for us Disney Create Wiki folks.

First, a bunch of new Disney Creators joined this wiki! Welcome, you guys!

Second, there's been a bunch of drama on the Lucy100- page. Some girl (Alyssa) who says she's Lucy's (Bethany's) friend, posed as Lucy (and other artists) and practically attacked us for saying she copied and claiming it was "pure inspiration." She eventually apologized, but I really don't think it'll ever be the same. Lil_nan got involved, so it wasn't all that pretty. Trust me.

Third, this Alyssa has been SUPER mean to some of us, and is totally oblivious about it and claiming that I'm the one being mean!! Um helllloooo! I'm just standing up for myself and others. That's not mean, last time I checked. And, honestly, I am thinking of reporting this to lil_nan or SS. Should I? I don't really want to get super involved, but I really feel like I should stand up for myself and others.

Well . . . cya next time, Creators!


Goodbye 1280 960 q80

TTFN! art by artwonder12

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