==,;The World Of Fiction;, ==

          I hear the doorbell ring again as I walk towards it.  My dogs bark insanely until I open it.  I see my three best friends, Alison, Maddie, and Charity.  “C’mon, let’s go to the forest like we planned yesterday!”  Alison demands.  “Alright, lemme go grab my bike!”  I respond.  They all already have their bikes with them, so I go into my garage to grab mine.  The odor of car fumes fills my lungs, and I gag.  I grab my bicycle, and hurry out of my stinky garage.  “Let’s go!” Maddie says.  We all ride down the street, passing cars on the way.  My friends and I know the way to the forest, for we’ve all been there about ten thousand times.

          As we approach the forest, the sweet scent of nature overwhelms us.  We keep riding for about ten minutes, then decide to take a break near a nice log we found.  As we sit, the breeze brushes by us, and I feel a sense of relief.  “Hey, what’s that?”  Charity questioned.  I shrugged.  I wasn’t sure.  Not yet.  “I’m going to find out.”  Maddie says.  “Sure, let’s go check it out!”  I say.  “Hey, why not?”  Alison says.  “Okay, it’s over there!”  Charity says as she points in the direction of the shiny object.  We walk towards it, getting closer and closer.  As soon as we see it, we’re all confused.  “A gate?!?”  Alison asks.  “Let’s check out what’s inside!”  I say.  Charity shrugs.  “Sure!”  Maddie responds.  “Okay!” Alison says.  I turn the doorknob, and a rush of fear flows upon me.


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