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  • My occupation is disney create artist / 5th grade student / awesome person
  • I am a flying piece of sushi X3
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    August 3, 2013 by Katebith

    I'm leaving the wiki. It might be from a week to forever. There is just too much rude things being said on here, and too much drama. Tell me on my wall if there's any social sites I can privately contact you through. See you on dc

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  • Katebith

    ==,;The World Of Fiction;, ==

              I hear the doorbell ring again as I walk towards it.  My dogs bark insanely until I open it.  I see my three best friends, Alison, Maddie, and Charity.  “C’mon, let’s go to the forest like we planned yesterday!”  Alison demands.  “Alright, lemme go grab my bike!”  I respond.  They all already have their bikes with them, so I go into my garage to grab mine.  The odor of car fumes fills my lungs, and I gag.  I grab my bicycle, and hurry out of my stinky garage.  “Let’s go!” Maddie says.  We all ride down the street, passing cars on the way.  My friends and I know the way to the forest, for we’ve all been there about ten thousand times.

              As we approach the forest, the sweet scent of nature overwhelms us.  We kee…

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  • Katebith
    You know how everyone is making stories and comics?  Well I'm gonna make a story!  I'm also gonna illustrate!  There will be one picture per chapter (Chapters are probaby going to be only one or two pages long :P)

    This story is about a girl named kate who along with her besties finds a world where all fiction is real!  Fiction as in books, TV shows, and movies!

    Kate's bestie #1- 123lovelost

    Kate's bestie #2- Zuesdemigod2002

    Kate's bestie #3- Mea321

    Villain- Candifloss

    Villain's assistant- Mist566

    Random human OC (I will tell you what he/she is for later)- QueenDaphnee

    Stranger- Lil_nan

    Stranger #2- Picklezthegreat

    Please fill out this form to apply:


    Age (please use your real age [unless your the villain, then make it 16+])-



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  • Katebith

    Alright everyone, please request away! (Note: I will be drawing this on my ipad, not DC. Also, I am only drawing OC ponies.) Thanks very much for reading!  Seriously, I'm bored, Please request!

    If you don't have a pony, please fill out this form:

    Mane Color(s):

    Manestyle (curly, straight, ect.):

    Body Color:

    Eye Color:

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    July 1, 2013 by Katebith

    Hey guys, I'm here with some terrible news.  Not just bad, terrible.  *sighs* Here it is:  Anonymous editing and commenting has been disabled.  Yes, that's what I said.  Now people like puppydog and pengytess can't come on anymore ; - ;

    If you'd like to read the reason why, here it is:

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