Hello everyone! Because there is a lot of shipping going on here on the DCW, I thought I should make this shipping game!*

'*'You may NEVER use this idea on a blog or ANYTHING. This idea belongs to Sunnykitty123 and Sunnykitty123 only. I hope I'm clear because most of you seem to use my ideas without even crediting me and I'm sick of it ಠ_ಠ

ok so this is how we play! :-D

Look at the rows below. You should notice that there is a row "A" and a row "B". Underneath row "A" I have written Cloudpuff/cat/X/female. Hopefully you know Cloudpuff is my cat oc xD What I did was I put Her name first, slash her species, then I put an "X" because I don't really like to come up with ages lol... (but "X" should be her age I just don't know it) and the last thing I put was her gender. So if I didn't fill this out it would look like Name/species/age/gender .

Now, I'll tell you how to actually play the game xD

So first pick all the ocs you want to use for this! 

I will put your oc in a row for you. You have to choose the row though... If you see someone you want your oc to be shipped with in one row, put the oc in the opposite row! If there is an oc you don't want your oc to be shipped with, put it in the same row. Maybe an example would help explain this better xD

If Solar Spirit is in row "A" and I want chances to be more likley for Sunset Bliss to be shipped with him, I'll put her in row "B" because you can't be shipped with someone in the same row as you.

After the rows get really full, everyone who participated HAS to ship most of them. You need to remember, ones in row "A" CANNOT be shipped with others in the same row. The same thing applies to row "B". You can only ship ocs from row "A" with ocs in row "B".

In the comments, you will tell me which row to put your oc in as well as Name/species/age/gender .

Have fun :-D

btw if your not clear on this the shipping happens when the rows get full.


Row A                                                                                                                                                 Row B

  • Cloudpuff/cat/X/female                                                                                    SunsetBliss/unicorn/X/female                                                                            
  • Cali/human/13/female                                                                                       mulligan/dog/12/male
  • Glitch gamer/unicorn/13/female                                                                         NightSky/pegasus/X/female

  • Blueberry sunshine/earth pony/ 14/female                                                        Cherry/human/14/female
  • Kate/Chinese fireball (Dragon)/15/ female.                                                    Drizzle/shape-shifter/400+/female
  • Ayaka/ human/13/female                                                                                    Camilleo/pegasus/X/female

  • Mai/human/12/female
  • April/hedgehog/14/Female
  • Pink Song/uncorn/15/female
  • SolarSpirit/unicorn/X/male

'                                                                      '                                               

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