This is the story of Sunset Bliss's life! It's not supposed to have good literature it's just kinda a timeline lol

So she was born with her mum, dad, and her older brother, Polaris. She was too younge to remember her brother so yeaahhh. Her parents never really let her outside because Celestia's guards where searching for her because her magic was too powerful, so they would have to kill her because she was a threat to Celestia. Her parents sent Polaris away to school and never saw him again. He grew up and became Celestia's guard. He didn't really know about his sister's magic. The guards eventually found Sunset (she is a mare now, about Rarity's age) and brought her to the castle. They showed her to Celestia and she told them to make Polaris, her most trusted guard kill her. Polaris went down to the dungon were he would kill her, took his ax and then he relized that it was his sister. He reported to Celestia about this and she said that if he always watched over her she could live.

Long ago, there lived teh queen of teh galaxy. She had a poneh baby before she died that was Galaxy Swirl. Anyway the queen made a super powerful thingy (the element of magic) one of the most powerful things in the universe, and definitly the most powerful element. dat explains stuff

Sunset discovered what had to be done one day; defeat Nightmare Moon before enternal night. She met teh elements of harmony and stopped her. Celestia relized Sunset was good then told her to take friendship lessons. WELL DUH SHE DID LOL.

And then things get complex liek Bleeding Rose stuff and Galaxy Swirl stuff and Nemesis the death star stuff. That can come later when kitty is happeh.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 1.11.20 PM

when her brother tries to kill her and butts den deres my cat

Now for audience 18+ here is teh sex scene you have all been waiting for. Takes place 10,000 years later trying to make Rising Star xD

HUMP HUMP HUMP HUMP OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSS end of sex scene. Then they made Rising Star!


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