Hello! Kitty here :3

So this is how to get your mlp oc popular!

So, you need to draw TONS of pictures of that one pony. Wait for them to approve, and when that's done start request a lot of people to draw her all at once! But, you have a secret weapon... THE WIKI! This wiki is full of fun people who will love to draw your oc for you. Make them all know your oc. One thing to NEVER do this go with the popular ponies. If you draw them with your oc, your just making it harder for your pony to become popular. It makes it look like your trying to take advantage of them and just draw your pony with your friends that you already have on the wiki. If you do this, you won't be taking advantage of anyone and your friends will actually go with it. I mean, they will draw your oc for you and fuuny56 won't if you try to create a mane six with her. Just use your friends! :D

That's all my advice FOR NOW. See ya!

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