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  • Jesskitty


    May 28, 2014 by Jesskitty

    Hello everyone! Because there is a lot of shipping going on here on the DCW, I thought I should make this shipping game!*

    '*'You may NEVER use this idea on a blog or ANYTHING. This idea belongs to Sunnykitty123 and Sunnykitty123 only. I hope I'm clear because most of you seem to use my ideas without even crediting me and I'm sick of it ಠ_ಠ

    ok so this is how we play! :-D

    Look at the rows below. You should notice that there is a row "A" and a row "B". Underneath row "A" I have written Cloudpuff/cat/X/female. Hopefully you know Cloudpuff is my cat oc xD What I did was I put Her name first, slash her species, then I put an "X" because I don't really like to come up with ages lol... (but "X" should be her age I just don't know it) and the last thi…

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  • Jesskitty


    May 25, 2014 by Jesskitty
    Hey everyone! I'm Sunnykitty123 on DC!


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  • Jesskitty

    Quitting . .

    March 14, 2014 by Jesskitty

    Ok guys. I really can't draw! You all know that you just don't want to say it XP

    I really suck! I'm not going to reach my goal. I'm thinking just to quit disney create. I'm never going to be popular. I'm not going to be a great artist like you guys either.


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  • Jesskitty

    So the worst thing happened today. This girl was really messing with me. She kept saying she hated cats and I told her to stop. She said she can have an opinion on things so I let that go because she's just mean. Then I started singing and she was all like "shut up Jessie" and I said if you can have an opinion on things I can sing. Then bitch was all like "well, not really" and I got mad so I yelled. She said sarcasm stuff like not to talk to me because I would yell. She also said "I care about peoples feelings but not Jessie's"

    I'm so sad!!!! I called her a bitch in a different language and also to bug off... That means fuck off but she is too dumb for that

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  • Jesskitty

    Sunset's story!

    February 16, 2014 by Jesskitty

    This is the story of Sunset Bliss's life! It's not supposed to have good literature it's just kinda a timeline lol

    So she was born with her mum, dad, and her older brother, Polaris. She was too younge to remember her brother so yeaahhh. Her parents never really let her outside because Celestia's guards where searching for her because her magic was too powerful, so they would have to kill her because she was a threat to Celestia. Her parents sent Polaris away to school and never saw him again. He grew up and became Celestia's guard. He didn't really know about his sister's magic. The guards eventually found Sunset (she is a mare now, about Rarity's age) and brought her to the castle. They showed her to Celestia and she told them to make Pola…

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