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  • I live in Inside of a house in my neighborhood
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is Playing video games if only I got payed for it
  • JKstudios


    May 24, 2013 by JKstudios

    Soo sometimes I get really bored and stuff (for example right now) and I have nothing to do. I'll accept any requests from anyone on this wiki. If you're one of the people who don't have an account please don't forget to mention who you are! I can draw:

    • Chibi
    • PPG
    • SC
    • Simple Chibi (the simple chibi style thing that got approved today and stuff)
    • AT

    So please if you want request something xD Try to make it interesting, if you want us together please tell me what you want us to be DOING so I don't have to figure out what the both of us would enjoy.

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