Hey Wiki! I really love DC. And I have a contest idea! But I need your opinion. Is it good? Well, I wanna make a contest to see unknown styles. Then, the top three styles will be used by me. Sounds good? Well, anywho, I want to show you my new style now. Loads of you want to see it. I hope. :D Here it is:

MyDC Art 3

Here it is! :D

Is it good? Oh, and PLZ PLZ PLZ don't copy. How did I come up with this style? I was expirementing (I can't spell! :p) one day and this came up. Its kinda like PPG. Circle head, stubs for arms and legs, no neck, and no nose! :D LOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL! MEAPPPPPPPP! Buhy.

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