JAS Jassy15

aka PinkPop101-

  • I live in San Gabriel, CA
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is drawing!
  • I am sad Candifloss left
  • JAS Jassy15

    Aww... So sad :'(

    June 7, 2013 by JAS Jassy15

    Hi guys. I'm sad cause I have to leave my elemantary school. All my bff's are going to Jefferson and I have to go to Rio Hondo! At least I got thier e-mails (including my teacher's) and/or phone numbers. Have you had an expirience like this? SNIFF! Comment if yo have.

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  • JAS Jassy15


    June 5, 2013 by JAS Jassy15

    Hey guys! I have some requests. :) And, do you want a request from me?

    • MLP Version of me by: Katebith
    • Pic of me and MJ by: Mockingjay1001

    Also! I have a penguin named Tycoon. Please don't draw him. :)

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  • JAS Jassy15

    Okay guys! These are our colab account rules:

    1. Only use stamps you yourself made.
    2. Do not give anyone the account info or let them into our group.
    3. Please get your previous account to follow us.
    4. Do not delete any drawings unless they are yours.

    Okay, those are our rules. Thanks! 

    Please follow them. THX!

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  • JAS Jassy15

    DC News 3!

    June 3, 2013 by JAS Jassy15

    Okay, I feel like an idiot having to ask this. How do you get your DC icon? I am CLUELESS! And, I really want an icon. Please tell me. >.< Also, I have this cute style. Look:

    Do you like? :P It's basically the normal manga/chibi outline colored in with one big white dot on the left edge and a tiny dot in the bottom right corner. Please don't copy me. Oh, and I now have a Colab Account! Denim0333 and CutieCat1001 are in it. Birdie*33, would you like to be in it? Fan us! Its called ArtistDreams! :3 Thx!

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  • JAS Jassy15

    DC Idea

    June 2, 2013 by JAS Jassy15

    Hey DC wiki! I just came up with an idea so that DC-ers can meet each other. :0 It's a DC Artist Convention located at DisneyLand or California Adventure! That mean I could meet MJ, Candifloss, ZeusDemiGod, and everyone else! It would be so much fun! Wouldn't it?!?! Comment on the scale of 1 to 10 how you'd rate it!

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