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    April 27, 2014 by Iwantpeace

    Okay, I'm making a book and the characters be some of the people on wiki. We all have a diffrent power each, and a necklace contains the powers. There's this bad guy, (havnt thought of a name yet XD) who wants to take the necklaces' so we would have to be his slave, because without are necklaces' we are powerless. But me and 6 other friends have to go on long journies to stop him form doing evil. I aslo need a few other characters. Plz comment what role you wanna take and what power you want.

    1: friend:

    2: friend:

    3: friend

    4: friend

    5: friend

    6: friend

    bakery shop man/female:

    pretty teenager:

    moutian hobo:

    ritch teenager:


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  • Iwantpeace

    DJ spotted

    April 24, 2014 by Iwantpeace

    Wat would you be? Water or Fire? I NEED TO KNOW OKAY.

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